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Board Policies

PolicyA-Foundations and Basic Commitments  Adopted    RevisedReviewed
AC Nondiscrimination Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action    02/13/92    

 ACA Non-Sexist Language02/13/92Deleted 11/18/04 
 ACB Harassment02/13/92
ACAA   Harassment and Sexual Harassment of Students11/18/04 09/07/17 
ACAA-R Student Discrimination and Harassment Complaint Procedure 11/18/04 09/07/17 
ACAB    Harassment and Sexual Harassment of School Employees07/22/04 09/07/17 
ACAB-R Employee Discrimination and Harassment Complaint Procedure07/22/04 09/07/17
ACAD Hazing07/22/04 09/07/17 
 AD Educational Philosophy02/13/9201/06/0009/07/17
 ADA School District Goals and Objectives02/13/9201/06/0009/07/17
 ADAA Mission and Vision Statements10/12/00 09/07/17
ADC Tobacco Use and Possession (Re-coded from JICG and GBED 09/14/89) 
ADC-R Tobacco Use and Possession Administrative Procedures03/05/15 09/07/17
ADF School District Commitment to Learning Results03/16/98 01/06/0009/07/17
 AFCA Evaluation of Administrators02/13/92
Re-coded to CFB
 AFCB     Teacher Evaluation02/13/92
Re-coded to GCOA
 AFE Evaluation of Instructional Programs02/13/92  

 Policy B-Board Governance and Operations Adopted Revised Reviewed
BB School Board Legal Status02/13/92 01/06/00 
BBA School Board Powers and Duties        02/13/92 01/06/00 09/07/17 
BBAA Board Member Authority02/13/92 01/06/00  
BBBA Board Member Qualifications    02/13/92 01/06/00
BBBDA Board Member Absenteeism02/13/9201/06/00, 04/19/16 
BBBE Unexpired Term Fulfillment 02/13/92  
BCA School Board Member Ethics     02/13/92 01/06/00 
BCB Board Member Conflict Of Interest    02/13/92 
 04/03/14, 08/10/17
BCBA Nepotism     02/13/92 01/06/00  
BDB Board Officers    02/13/92   
BDD Board Superintendent Relationship02/13/92   
BDE Board Committees     02/13/92 01/06/00 
BDG School Attorney02/13/92   
BE School Board Meetings 05/17/04  
BEA School Board Use Of Electronic Mail 05/10/01  
BEC Executive Sessions    11/10/05  
BEC-E Executive Sessions Law     11/10/05  
BEDB Agenda    05/17/04  
BEDC  Quorum 02/13/92 05/17/14 
BEDD  Rules of Order 05/17/04  
BEDF  Voting Method     02/13/92  
BEDFA  Adjournment of Board Meeting02/13/92 01/06/00 
BEDG  Minutes 02/12/04   
BEDH Public Participation at Board Meetings 02/13/92  
BEDI News Media Services at Board Meetings02/13/92   
BEDJ Broadcasting and Taping of Board Meetings 02/13/92  
 BFE Administration in Policy Absence 02/13/92
  to CHD
BGA Policy Development 02/13/92  
BGB Policy Adoption and Amendment 02/13/92 01/06/00 
BIA New Board Member Orientation 02/13/92  
BIB Board Member Development Opportunities 02/13/92  
BID Board Member Compensation and Expenses 02/13/92  

 Policy C-General School Administration  Adopted     Revised Reviewed
CBI Evaluation of the Superintendent 01/06/00  
CFB Evaluation of Administrators 02/13/92  
CHCA School Policy 02/13/92  
CHD Administration in Policy Absence 02/13/92  

 Policy D-Fiscal Management   Adopted Revised Reviewed
DJA Purchasing Authority 03/09/00 04/03/14 
DJAA   Contracts and Agreements 02/13/92 04/03/14 
DJAA-E Standard Contract Requirements 02/13/92 04/03/14 
DJEBidding/Purchasing Requirements      04/03/14 08/10/17 
DJE-RPurchasing Procedures and Requirements04/03/14  08/10/17 
DN  School Properties Disposal Procedure 02/13/9211/09/17 09/07/17 
 Fed. Proc. Manual Federal Procedure Manual 04/03/14 08/10/1709/07/17

 Policy E-Support Services Adopted Revised Reviewed
EBAA Reporting Hazards 03/09/89  
EBCB  Fire Drills 01/06/00  
EBCC  Bomb Threats 01/06/00  
EBCD Emergency Closings 02/13/92  
EBCD-R  Emergency Closings - Regulations 01/06/00  
EC Care of School Property 01/06/00  
ECAB Access to School  02/13/92  
ECAC  Vandalism and Damage to School Property 01/06/00  
ECB Pest Management in School Facilities and on School Grounds 02/12/04  
ECB-E1  Pest Management Notification  02/12/04
ECB-E2 Notice of Planned Pesticide Application 02/12/04  
EEA  Student Transportation Services 12/03/0903/07/14 
EEAE  Bus Safety Program 01/06/00  
EEAEA Bus Driver Requirements, Training, and Responsibilities 01/06/00  
EEAEA-R Bus Driver Examination 01/06/00  
EEAEAA  Alcohol and Controlled Substances Testing for Drivers 12/28/95  
EEAEAA-E  Alcohol and Controlled Substances Testing for Drivers- Acknowledgment 12/28/95  
EEAEAA-R Alcohol and Controlled Substances Testing for Drivers-Regulations 01/06/00  
EEAEC  Student Conduct on Buses02/13/92  03/07/14 
EEAF  Special use of School Buses02/13/92   
EEAFA  Transportation For Field Trips & Excursions 10/13/83  
EEAGStudent Transportation in Private Vehicles  01/06/00  
EFBAOffer vs. Serve Lunch - Breakfast Concept 10/13/05   
EFC Free and Reduced Price Food Programs 10/13/05   
EFE Competitive Food Sales-Sales of Foods in Competition with the School Food Service 10/13/05  
 EHB School Record Retention Policy 04/03/14  

 Policy G-Personnel   Adopted Revised Reviewed
GBB Staff Involvement in Decision Making  01/06/00  
GBE Purchasing Code of Conduct     04/03/14 08/10/17 
GBEC Drug Free Workplace 02/13/92 08/09/2012 
GBED Smoking (Re-coded to ADC)09/14/89
GBG Bloodborne Pathogens 03/11/93  
GBG-R  Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan03/11/93  12/06/12 
GBG-E1 Hepatitis B Vaccine Waiver 12/06/12  
GBGC Employee Assistance Program Policy10/14/92   
GBJ Personnel Records and Files 02/12/04  
GBN  Family and Medical Leave 01/06/00  
GBN-R1     Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Administrative Procedure 01/06/00  
GBN-R2  Maine Family Medical Leave Administrative Procedure  01/06/00  
GCC  Employee Leaves and Absences 01/06/00   
GCC-E Contract Employees' Request for Leave 01/06/00  
GCFB  Recruiting and Hiring of Administrative Staff 02/09/06  
GCFB-R  Recruiting and Hiring of Administrative staff Administrative Procedures 02/09/06  
GCGA  Long Term Substitute Teacher Pay 04/12/90  
GCI Professional Staff Development Opportunities 01/06/00  
GCLA  Professional Staff Time Schedules01/06/00  
GCOA Supervision and Evaluation of  Professional Staff 02/13/92 01/05/12 
GCQC  Resignations 11/03/99  
GCQC-E  Resignation Statement 11/03/99  
GCQC-R  Resignations-Regulations 02/05/92  
GCQF Appeals From Employment Decisions 11/01/95  
GCSA  Employee Computer and Internet Use 05/02/01 03/21/13 
GCSA-E  Employee Computer/Internet Use Acknowledgment Form 05/02/01  
GCSA-R Employee Computer and Internet Use Rules 05/02/01  
GDA Support Staff Employment01/06/00  
GDCB  Jury Duty 05/05/04  
GDD Certain Benefits for Non-Contract Employees08/05/10  02/08/18,

 Policy I-Instruction Adopted Revised Reviewed
 IGA Curriculum Development and Adoption 01/06/00  
IGBI  LAU Plan10/10/05 
   Re-coded           to IHBEA
IHBA  Individualized Education Programs 12/03/09  
IHBAA Referral/Pre-Referral 12/03/09  
IHBAA-R Referral/Pre-Referral Procedures 12/03/09  
IHBA-E Individualized Education Programs - Team Membership  12/03/09  
IHBAC  Child Find 12/03/09  
IHBEA LAU Plan - English as a Second Language 05/04/17  
IHBG  Home Schooling 03/10/04  
IHBGA  Home Schooling- Participation in School Programs 03/10/04  
IHBGB Supplemental Statement of Rights for Private School Students with Disabilities 12/03/09  
IJ J Selection of Instructional & Library Materials 01/06/00  
IJND School Web Site Policy 05/10/01  
IJND-E Parent/Guardian Agreement to Publish Student Information on the Web site05/10/01  
IJND-R  Web Site Guidelines 05/10/01  
IJNDB  Student Computer and Internet Use 05/10/01 03/21/13    04/19/16 
IJNDB-E1  Internet Network Access Agreement 05/10/01
IJNDB-E2  Network Etiquette 05/10/01  
IJNDB-R  Student computer and internet use rules 05/10/01 03/21/13  04/19/16 
IJOA  Field Trips and Excursions  02/05/92  
IJOA-R Field Trips and Excursions - Regulations 02/05/92  
IKB Homework 02/13/92  
IKE Promotion and Retention of Students 02/05/92  
IKE-R  Promotion and Retention - Regulation 02/05/92  
IL  Student Assessment 11/03/99  
ILA  Evaluation of Instructional Programs 01/06/00  
IMA  Lesson Plan Books  01/06/00  
IMB  Controversial Issues Policy 07/13/95  
IMB-E  Parents' Objection to Curriculum Topic Material  05/03/95  
IMDA  Patriotic Exercises 02/13/92  
IMDB  Flag Displays 02/13/92  
 IMGA     Service Dogs 08/09/12  

 Policy J-Students Adopted Revised Reviewed
JEA Compulsory Attendance 03/10/04
 JEC School Admissions 02/09/95  
JFAA  Admission of Resident Students  02/07/90
JFAB Admission of Non-Resident Students 11/03/99
JFC Student Withdrawal from School (Dropout Prevention Committee) 02/05/92
 JFCF Hazing 02/13/92
  to ACAD
JHB Truancy 11/02/05
 JIC Student Code of Conduct 01/07/2010  
JICG  Smoking by Students 09/14/89
  Re-coded       to ADC
JICH Drug and Alcohol Use by Students 03/12/03 08/09/12 
JICH-R  Drug and Alcohol Use by Students Administrative Procedures 03/12/03
JICIA Weapons, Violence and School Safety 03/10/04 
JICK  Bullying 08/17/06 12/01/16 
 JICK-R Bullying - Administrative Procedure 12/01/16  
 JICK-E1 RSU 87 Bullying Report Form 12/01/16  
 JICK -E2 RSU 87 Bullying Investigation and Response Form 12/01/16  
 JICK-E3 Bullying: Summary of Disciplinary and Remedial Actions 12/01/16  
JII  Student Complaints and Grievances 02/13/92
JJF  Student Activities Funds Management 02/13/92 
JJIAA Private School Students-Access to Public School Co-Curricular, Extra Activities 01/05/12
JJIAA-E1  Private School Student-Application for Participation in Co-Curricular Activities01/05/12
JJIAA-E2 Private School Student-Application for Participation in Extra-Curricular Activities 01/05/12
JJIAA-E3 Verification of Private School Student Eligibility for Participation in Co-Curricular Activ. 01/05/12
JJIAA-E4  Verification of Private School Student Eligibility for Participation in Extra Curricular Activ. 01/05/12
JJIC  Participation in Extra-Curricular Activities at CMS 11/09/9507/30/15 
JJIC-E Consent Form for Participation in Extra Curricular Activities at CMS 11/03/99  
JJIF Management of Concussions and Other Head Injuries 03/05/15  
JJIF-E      Concussion Information Sheet     03/05/15  
JK  Student Discipline 01/06/00  
JKA Corporal Punishment 07/08/76  
JKAA Use of Physical Restraint and Seclusion 12/03/09
JKAA-R Procedures on Physical Restraint and Seclusion 12/03/09
08/09/12 ,
JKF  Removal of Students 12/03/09  
JKF-R  Administrative Procedures for Removal of Students with Disabilities 12/03/09  
 JKGA Time Out Rooms and Therapeutic Restraint 03/12/12  
 JKGA-R Procedures on Time Out Rooms and Therapeutic Restraint 03/12/12  
JL Student Wellness 10/19/06  
JLC  Student Health Services and Requirements 09/11/97  
JLCB   Immunization of Students 03/05/15  
JLCC  Communicable Diseases01/06/00  
JLCCA  HIV (AIDS) Attendance 02/05/92  
JLCCB Pediculosis (Head Lice) 01/06/00  
JLCCB-R Regulations regarding Head Lice01/06/00   
JLCD Administration of Medication to Students 01/06/00  
JLCE  Personal Emergencies  02/05/92  
JLCE-R Personal Emergencies Regulations 02/05/92  
JLF  Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect 12/07/88 05/04/17 
JLF-E Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect Form 05/04/17  
JLIA  Supervision of Students 02/05/92  
JRA  Student Education Records and Information 12/03/09  
JRA-E Annual Notice of Student Education Records and Information Rights 12/03/09  
JRA-R  Student Educational Records and Information-Administrative Procedures 12/03/09  

 Policy K-School Community Relations Adopted Revised Reviewed
KBF Parent Involvement in Title I 06/19/06  
KBF-E1 District Level Title I Parent Involvement 06/19/06  
KBF-E2 CES Title I Parent Involvement 06/19/06  
KBF-E3 SES Title I Parent Involvement  06/19/06  
KBF-E4  CMS Title I Parent Involvement  06/19/06  
KDB Freedom of Access 10/11/12  
KDE  Crisis Policy 02/20/97  
KE Public Complaints02/13/92   
KEC  Public Complaints about Instructional Materials (Challenged Materials Policy) 02/13/92  
KEC-E1  Request for Reconsideration of Media02/13/92  
KEC-E2  Checklist for School Media Advisory Committee's Reconsideration of
Instructional Material -Non Fiction
KF Community Use of Facilities 11/02/05   
KF-E1 Request for Use of Facilities Contract 11/02/05  
KF-E2Release of Liability Form 11/02/05  
KF-R Rules Governing Community Use of School Facilities  11/02/05  
KHB Advertising in the Schools 02/13/92  
KI Visitors of Schools 01/06/00