Comprehensive Education Plan

Approved by the Board of Directors: 10/6/2016

 Section Title
 1Affirmative Action Plan 
 2Personnel Plan 
 3Personnel Training & Development Plan 
 4Administrator Recertification Plan 
 5Provisional Teacher Support System Plan 
 6LEP/LAU Plan 
 7Student Dropout Prevention Plan 
 8 Students at Risk of School Failure: Identification Plan 
 9Comprehensive Guidance Plan 
10Curriculum Development and Review Plan 
11 Early Childhood Plan
12Education of Gifted and Talented Students 
13 Implementation of Career Prep, Modern/Classical Languages, Visual/Performing Arts 
14 Kindergarten Screening Plan 
15 Library-Media Resources & Instructional Materials & Equipment Replacement 
16 Local Assessment System 
17Plan for the Use of Carl Perkins Funds 
18Special Education Plan 
19 Vocational Education Plan for Each Center or Region 
20 Crisis Response Plan 
21Plan for the Use of No Child Left Behind Act Funds 
22Technology Use Plan: for Student Learning & Effective Operations 
23Use of Time and School Organization Plan 
24School Facilities Maintenance Plan 
25 School Facilities Plan: Maintenance & Capital Improvements 
26 School Facilities Plan: Capital Renewal of Facilities